🎙️ [Webinar]”Discover KNIME for data Prep: an analysis of the UK property market” I June 9th I 11 am (BST)

Webinar Knime UK property

Join our webinar to learn how to transform your data with KNIME via an analysis of the UK Property Market


Attend our next webinar : Discover KNIME for data Prep: an analysis of the UK property market. See KNIME in action and discover how the KNIME analytics platform can support your data prep and data science projects. Using a property market dataset, you’ll learn how to build workflows to solve your data challenges. You’ll also learn some data manipulation tips and tricks – such as filtering, grouping, and joining.

Webinar Knime UK property


Why attend this webinar ?

Join us and learn about KNIME ANALYTICS PLATFORM’s main features.

Combining a presentation and a demo focusing on the UK property market, we will show you how to better understand your data and create stronger analysis.

You’ll discover how to prepare your data:

👉 Import, filter and group

👉 Join your files

👉 Aggregate your data

In 45 min and from the comfort of your house, our KNIME demo is open to everyone regardless of your technical skills or business function.


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How to join us ?

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