[Webinar] Introducing Tableau 2020.1 new features with a demo by Mydral I April 28 I 14:00 (BST)

Tableau new features 2020.1

Don’t miss our upcoming Webinar introducing Tableau 2020.1 new features 


Tableau 2020.1 is here ! The new features of the version 2020.1 was highly expected by Tableau users.

Get a look at the best new features of the latest version to help you analyse your data.

See our live demo of all the most exciting new features of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Online.

What are the new features you can expect ?

The addition of the new features in this version means innovation. We’re excited to see these new additions in Tableau 2020.1 and discuss about them during the webinar.

  • Dynamic parameters : highly requested by Tableau users, the parameters are automatically updated every time you re-open your workbook !
  • Viz animations : see your bars in motion to know how your data has changed.
  • Buffer function: to easily visualize a buffer, just drag and drop !
  • Level of details (LOD ) calculations : simplify your preparation and analysis of data
  • And MORE ! There are plenty of other new features and improvements.

Tableau is constantly evolving and improving to offer the best functionnalities to help you analyse your data.

The latest releases brought several analytical capabilities including Ask data, Explain Data, AI-powered, to help you understand the “why” behind the values in your data.

Watch this webinar to see Mydral experts using Tableau and how these innovations bring you closer to your data. Learn more about its capabilities !

How to join us ?

– Date: 04/28/2020

– Time: 14:00 (BST) – Webinar duration : 45 min

Once you register for this free webinar with Eventbrite below, you will receive an email with the link to the live webinar from Mydral !

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