« Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast »

We jointly design high added value Analytics tools with an emphasis on return on investment (ROI) and knowledge transfer

What strategy to adopt?

Mydral helps you deploy Analytics across all departments with a Business Data Lake model:
– We collect any raw information regardless of their source (web, sensors, social media, ERP, CRM, HRIS, partners, market, etc.)
– We place these raw data into a Data Lake
– We transform this data into dimensions and measures in order to align them
– We securely distill the information across the different business units according to their needs

Project management

Accompanying you to the future

From traditional reporting to Corporate data Journalism

Project management

Our team


With several hundreds of analytical projects implemented, our teams have acquired extensive business experience and know-how to make sure you leverage the various solutions to their full extent, and reduce lead time and implementation costs.

Our approach to projects


Our approach is built on a succession of iterative and agile workshops :
+ Scoping
+ Data discovery
+ Business discovery
+ Validation
+ Implementation

Simultaneously, we work on the technical integration of the analytics platform

Project management

Our key principles for success

We conduct your projects by applying the principles of agile methodologies.


Project scoping: « Think big, start small, move fast »

Focus on a small selection of key business initiatives and implement them as quickly as possible

Promote user adoption by showcasing the capabilities and ease-of-use of the implemented BI solution


Client involvement: « Knowledge transfer »

Allow a progressive transfer of knowledge from Mydral to the client’s project team

Empower the customer to become autonomous right from the start


Agile Project Management: « Iterative workshop »

Using an iterative design-to-setup approach, key project members progressively and continuously approve the work