Proof Of Value (PoV)

How to demonstrate the value of a solution for a company by laying the first analytical foundation that will be leveraged in production? The proof of value (POV) is an essential step in your project and will save you considerable time. It aims to validate that your objectives are achievable and addresses the business challenge you are facing. To ensure its success, the Proof of Value is based on 5 keys steps to drive adoption among decision-makers and end-users. Start your project now!

Why focusing on a Proof Of Value (PoV)


    • Highlight the business challenges
    • Ensure the solution meets the business needs
    • Reassure decision-makers and end-users
    • Assess risks
    • Ease decision making

How ?

    • Show the value of your business case
    • Define achievable goals
    • Work an agile approach
    • Find and prepare the data
    • Analyse data and insights

A first iteration with immediate results

The Proof of Value is a result-oriented first step that assesses the relevance of a new project. It pre-empts and outlines the projects we carry out to meet your business needs. Mydral relies on five stages for its Proof of Value, with data playing an essential role all the way to the results being presented back. If the Proof of Value is conclusive, it will be a very strong accelerator for the deployment phase of your project.

POV objectives :

    • Test
    • Identify
    • Assess
    • Help scope a project

POV advantages

    • Reduce costs
    • Time saving
    • Drive project adoption
    • Reassure decision makers and end users

The five pillars for a successful Proof of Value

Find a compelling business case
Find the best and most complete data sources needed for the analysis
Clean, enrich and transform the data
Analyse data, find insights, and create visualizations that support the business needs
Translate the results into a story using our Data Journalism approach

Interested in starting a Proof of Value with Mydral?


£ 1000


5 days