Tableau Public : Marvel data viz, who’s the mightiest among the super heroes ?

Data viz Marvel

Data Viz Marvel Tableau Public : who’s the Mightiest ? 

Have you ever wondered who are the most powerful characters in Marvel universe ? Here is Mydral’s creation to answer that question.

This Tableau Public Data Viz explores the Abilities, the Attribute ratings and the Overall ratings results.

Captain America or Iron Man ? Who’s the mightiest ?

As you may know, Marvel universe is full of characters and powers, but do you know that you ara able to compare these powers thanks to our Data viz.

Select your favorite MARVEL characters and check who’s the mightiest of them all. This data viz is featured in Tableau Public. 

I’m so happy and hope it will be useful :

Marvel Tableau Public


Tableau public link : MARVEL who’s the mightiest ?

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Many thanks to Patrick Lao 💪  Check his Profile on Tableau Public.

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