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Focusing on Analytics performance : in this webinar, Julien shares best practices from Tableau’s dashboard audit solutions, showcasing several areas of improvement for his client. Nicolas, for his part, shares Big data best practices with us, using the same dashboards.


Why consider dashboard audit solutions?


Often, dashboard response times are slow, which in turn causes frustration and dissatisfaction on the part of users. This can also lead to conflict within organisations.

Solutions that audit and optimize dashboards are therefore essential. Mydral, a Data Company whose objective is to allow teams to better understand dashboards and make them more efficient, offers solutions to data challenges that many companies regularly face.


How to optimise your dashboards ? 


By auditing dashboards, it is possible to identify areas for improvement and to optimize key KPIs , leading to a much more agile approach.

Objective: Answer questions such as “at what time of the day or the week is my dashboard display time the shortest? Or “how do I make my dashboard more efficient when it is faced with slowdowns?”

In the case of Big Data, answering these questions quickly becomes complex when the data in question is too large, and filters are added. The human eye finds it difficult to differentiate complex data: like looking for blue bricks in an ocean of multicolored bricks: way too difficult.

Solutions to collect, process and analyze data more quickly and make it more digestible have been developed, but they remain too rigid. Could the solution lie in the automation of analytical uses?

Dashboard users, are you really agile when using B.I on Big Data?


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>> What are the challenges of digitization projects in complex IS environments?

>> What are the use cases and expected benefits of implementing analytics in IT processes?

>> Which technologies to use and which good practices to retain?


Duration: 30 minutes

Language: English

Speakers: Nicolas Korchia, Co-founder of Indexima and Julien Nordman of Mydral


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