[News] : Explore VerticaPy v0.6.0, a Python library for data science projects

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What’s New in VerticaPy v0.6.0 ?¬†



New features: Python API for Vertica Data Science at Scale

Machine Learning


  • AutoDataPrep¬†is now available. AutoDataPrep automatically finds relations between the different features to preprocess the data according to each column type.
  • Improved¬†AutoML¬†is now available. AutoML is a powerful machine learning technique that automatically tests several models and returns the one with the highest input score.
  • AutoClustering¬†is now available. AutoClustering creates k groups and for generalizing the data.
  • New method: Model.contour¬†draws the contour plot of your model.
  • New method: Model.to_sql¬†exports your model as regular SQL.
  • New method: Model.to_python¬†eports your model as an independent Python function.
  • New functions for evaluating models and tuning hyperparameters:¬†bayesian_search_cv,¬†enet_search_cv,¬†randomized_features_search_cv¬†and¬†stepwise.




  • New Functions:¬†coordinate_converter¬†converts bertween latitude and longitude and Euclidean coordinates (x,y) and to split any polygon to n identical smaller ones.
  • New Functions:¬†split_polygon_n¬†splits any polygon to n identical smaller polygons.




  • New method: vDataFrame[].cut¬†allows you to discretize numerical features.
  • New method: vDataFrame.add_duplicates¬†allows you to add duplicates when it is needed. An example could be creating a weighted KMeans.
  • Additional parameter ‘ncols_block’ for the vDataFrame.describe¬†and vDataFrame.agg¬†methods: this parameter lets you control the number of columns specified in the generated SQL code and can make queries “lighter” according to your use case.


Graphics and Data Visualization


  • A loading bar is available for many functions. It uses ‘tqdm’ API.
  • New method: vDataFrame.animated¬†draws animated charts.
  • New method: vDataFrame.contour¬†draws contour plots.





Deprecated, Replaced, or Moved


  • The package verticapy.connections.connect has been moved to verticapy.connect
  • The package verticapy.learn.datasets has been moved to verticapy.datasets
  • The package verticapy.learn.tsa.tools has been moved to verticapy.stats
  • The package verticapy.learn.tsa.models has been moved to verticapy.learn.tsa
  • The functions drop_table, drop_text_index, drop_view, and drop_model have been replaced by the¬†drop¬†function.


GitHub and Unit Tests


  • More unit tests are available.


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