Discover how Data access and preparation are more powerful and user friendly with KNIME v4.3

KNIME Data Prep

KNIME’s winter release bolsters ETL, DL, Collaboration, and Deployment Monitoring in the enterprise


⚙️ Data access and preparation are inevitable basics for generating value from data. It’s a well known fact that most practitioners spend the majority of their time accessing, blending, or cleaning data. It’s also an open secret that KNIME is already very powerful in this discipline, and one of the reasons it’s used in so many different industries. KNIME Analytics Platform offers native connectors to access most data sources and to perform whatever transformation needs to be done to data 📊


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The release of KNIME Analytics Platform v4.3 is a big leap forward in making data access and data prep even more powerful and user friendly through a set of File Handling extensions. For example it’s now possible to easily read from and move (!) data over different file systems within the same workflow; a new node now makes table transformation much faster with an instant preview interface; and other new nodes drastically reduce the number of steps needed in a workflow.

Also, KNIME Server v4.12 comes with a big update and offers more capabilities for deployment. The highlights are:

Further advancements with the release:

  • Sharing and reusing work has become easier with updates in KNIME Hub.
  • More functionality moved out of Labs: KNIME Deep Learning extensions, and H2O, Tableau, and Salesforce integrations.
  • Easier to share and productionize workflows and components containing Python Scripting nodes

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