[Webinar Replay]”KNIME x TABLEAU : prepare your data to build and automate your dashboards”

Replay webinar KNIME & TABLEAU

Watch now the replay !

Dive into your data journey to transform your data into stunning dashboards !


Discover how Knime and Tableau work seamlessly together to support your data journey. Taking the role of a sales analyst in a retail company, you’ll learn how to prepare your data and directly push the output into Tableau to create powerful visualisations and dashboards that update as data changes.


We’ll see how Knime and Tableau empowers you to:


▶️  Clean, blend and fuse data across multiple and various data sources

👉 Push the created workflow into Tableau Server

📊 Build and automate your dashboards

Unlock your data and discover greater insights !

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In 45 min our demo is open  live is intended to everyone regardless of your technical skills or business function.


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KNIME & TABLEAU are powerful analytical tools. 


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